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Chefair Invades Good Morning Texas

Our very own, Chef Airric Heidelberg, went live on Good Morning Texas last week straight from the Invasion kitchen. Chefair took a break from the business side of things and stepped back up to the chopping block, giving us 3 quick and easy egg recipes.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served! Chefair whipped up the classic egg-in-a-hole for breakfast, a sunny side up egg grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, and a crustless quiche for dinner. Three easy, cheap, delicious meals good for all ages.

Airric continues to share his talents with the Dallas community as well as those in need. Invasion has given over 6,000 meals to the homeless people of Dallas in their effort to invade the Dallas community.

Check out Chefair’s segment on Good Morning Texas and continue to help us help others!

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