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3 Reasons Why Dallas Foodies Will Be Obsessing Over Invasions

If there were ever a time to take stock of the shifts in the dining scene in Dallas, that time is now. Our city has become globally diverse with a burgeoning pop-up and underground food scene, and Invasions is here to build on that diversity. Here are the top reasons that will leave foodies wanting more from us.

Dynamic Menu We are setting a new tone for fast, fine food. Our menu is diverse and always changing as in-house chefs experiment with new combinations, but a few staple dishes and crowd favorites, like the “Cardi B” fried chicken sandwich or our "Bomb Brussel Sprouts & Potatoes," will always have a place on our menu. Our food is healthy and fresh with little to no processed ingredients. No matter what our chefs are preparing, each dish is full of flavor and made to perfection, guaranteed to invade your tastebuds.

Clean Aesthetic Invasions is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. We were inspired by the modern, trendy food scene in New York City and our brand represents that. Our clean aesthetic is consistent in everything we do and we pride ourselves on making every experience an Instagram-worthy one.

Giving Back We are here to not only make an impact on the Dallas food scene, but in the Dallas community as a whole. During this time in quarantine, we launched our new campaign: Help Us Help Others. A percentage of every order goes to feeding the homeless. Our owners, Chef Airric Heidelberg and Agon Raka, prepare and deliver meals to those most in need in our Dallas community.

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